"Sono Sensibile!" Parla la Pelle

"I'm sensitive!" Speak the Skin

To help our skin, especially in cases of hypersensitivity, Bios&Derma has created detergents and soaps produced with raw materials of natural origin and plant extracts obtained from organic cultivation
Bios&Derma products do not contain dyes or petrolatum, parabens, lauryl sulphates or cellulose are not used.

Let's make a summary analysis of the multiple causes that intervene in making our skin particularly sensitive.

There are certainly among the most frequent INTERNAL FACTORS

  • Intolerances and allergies
    For example to foods such as gluten, dairy products and eggs, or to dyes and additives, which can cause inflammation or skin rashes
  • Skin aging
    The essential substances for the structure and protective function of the hydrolipidic film are scarce over time, causing an imbalance in the pH and a greater loss of water; by decreasing “aquaporins” and “glycerol” the barrier function is compromised.
    This makes mature skin more prone to dryness and sensitivity, especially to highly alkaline products like soaps.
  • In women, hormonal imbalances
    caused by stress or specific life events such as pregnancy, menstruation, puberty or menopause, which can reduce the effectiveness of the skin's barrier function
  • "Predisposition"
    Some people more than others are more likely to have sensitive skin, or to have specific problems such as atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and rosacea, all conditions that can cause reactions to irritants such as perfumes and dyes

Among the EXTERNAL FACTORS that increase the sensitivity of our skin, the most frequent are

  • The changes of season and climate and the sudden changes in temperature
    When it's cold, the skin glands reduce the secretion of substances necessary to maintain the protective acid mantle, causing dehydration; but heating and air conditioning can also cause this effect, leaving the skin dry and dehydrated.
  • Some drug treatments
    they can intervene in temporarily increasing the sensitivity of the skin
  • the excessive use of soaps and detergents containing traditional surfactants
    it can cause significant damage to the skin's surface, stripping away protective lipids and causing an imbalance in natural pH levels.
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