Curare la Pelle del Viso

Caring for the Skin of the Face

With the summer season, spending more time outdoors, the skin of the face is more exposed to the sun's rays and the wind. While on the one hand this immersion in nature is a panacea, as it stimulates the body to produce vitamin D and increase our immune defences, on the other it can create disturbances to the epidermis such as redness or rashes .

Skin care is essential to show off a healthy and radiant face. In fact, there are wrong habits that we commit without knowing it and that we should eliminate immediately if we want to show off facial skin that is the envy of everyone. We often find ourselves putting into practice habits that we believe are correct and perfect for our face, which do nothing but damage it. That's right: the beauty routine sometimes it becomes so automatic - and perhaps done in a hurry - that it is not so rare to run into some mistakes. But skin care is a fundamental aspect to be put into practice every day with the right precautions, to show off a top-notch face.

Our face, especially in the morning, needs cold water which immediately helps diminish the signs of tiredness and tightens the pores. On the contrary, hot water dilates blood vessels, thus causing possible redness, a risk made even greater if you are prone to acne or rosacea.
A good gesture that invigorates to be included in our morning beauty routine? Very simple: place an ice cube wrapped in a fine cloth napkin on your eyelids, and keep it for about two minutes. You will immediately be more rested.

If your beauty case looks like a Mary Poppins bag , maybe you're doing something wrong! We often mess around with the products, we use too many and the risk is to alter the hydrolipidic protective film and run into a false dehydration problem. The skin, that is, is not really dry, but if the sensation is the same. Better to focus on a few products, but which are delicate, non-aggressive and of quality.

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